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Streamlining Your Next Event with Event Technology Solutions

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Event management companies are adopting innovative solutions to ensure not just a seamless experience, but also one that is memorable and engaging. From the moment attendees register for an event to the time they check out, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping their experience. Here, we will explore some of the cutting-edge event technology solutions, focusing on attendee check-in services, custom event websites, badge printing, and mobile app solutions.

The Event Registration Platform

Event registration used to be a difficult and cumbersome task, and the end results were not always accurate. These days, the best event management agencies utilize technology to create easy-to-use, accurate registration platforms that start well before the date of the event. At eventi, for example, we manage the registration systems and process for event attendees, VIPs, staff, speakers, sponsors, and special events through our custom online registration and administrative back-end designed platform.

This custom registration platform starts with a wireframe for approval before it becomes a live website. Over the years, functionality on custom platforms has broadened to include everything from customized skins to API integration to user-friendly dashboards and bulk email capabilities. You can read more about eventi’s custom event registration platform by clicking here.

In addition, due to the custom nature of the platform, registration types can be separated for better organization and management. As an example, eventi’s platform allows for separation between attendees, sponsors, speakers, students and more, allowing for greater segmentation and management. In fact, eventi’s platform offers more customization and options than some of the major platforms like Cvent and Event Tree. Event management companies like eventi have used their years of experience to make sure every step and problem that could arise has been addressed during the registration process.

Attendee Check-In Services

Gone are the days when check-in involved long queues and tedious manual processes. Today's event technology solutions offer seamless check-in services that not only expedite the process but also enhance security and data collection.

Modern check-in solutions work hand-in-hand with the event registration platform, allowing attendees to provide their details online before the event. At the venue, QR codes, NFC technology, or facial recognition can be used to quickly match the attendees with their pre-submitted information. This not only speeds up the entry process but also reduces the possibility of human error.

Digital check-in systems often come with real-time analytics. As the event organizers, we can see how many people have arrived, who they are, and even customize further interactions based on this data. This can be particularly useful for tailoring the event as it unfolds and for future planning.

An experienced event management company, like eventi, will manage and oversee the on-site registration and check-in processes. View all of our attendee management services here.

Badge Printing

badge printing - event management
Modern badge printing solutions offer customizable designs.

One of the biggest hassles experienced over the years for events is badge printing, as there can be constant errors in addition to the process taking too long and creating a longer queue. These days, badges are no longer just a piece of paper with a name on it, they can now be integrated with technology to enhance the attendee experience.

Modern badge printing solutions offer customizable designs and can include QR codes or RFID chips. These can be scanned during the event to track attendance at specific sessions, streamline access to VIP areas, or even manage crowd flow.

Badges can also serve as a networking tool. With embedded technology, attendees can scan each other's badges to exchange contact information, making networking more efficient and reducing the need for business cards.

Custom Event Websites

A custom event website is the digital face of your event. It is where potential attendees go to get information, register, and get excited about the event. A well-designed event website should be user-friendly, informative, and reflective of the event's branding and theme.

eventi Productions provides custom website solutions that integrate with our other event management tools, such as our registration platform. Features like agenda setting, speaker profiles, registration forms, and payment processing can all be integrated seamlessly into the website.

One of the key benefits of a custom event website is the ability to gather data. Every interaction with the site - from page views to ticket purchases - can be tracked and analyzed to improve marketing efforts and the event planning process. Additionally, our custom websites can be optimized for SEO, ensuring that potential attendees can easily find the event through search engines.

Mobile App Solutions

Perhaps the most significant technological advancement in events is the mobile app. A dedicated event app can serve as a personal assistant to attendees, providing them with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Event apps can include schedules, maps, speaker information, and networking capabilities. They can also push notifications to attendees, providing real-time updates on session changes, transportation information, or emergency alerts.

Interactive features like live polling, Q&A sessions, and feedback surveys can engage attendees and provide valuable insights to organizers. Gamification elements can be integrated to encourage participation and interaction among attendees.

In addition, the data collected through the app can be invaluable to companies and organizations. It can track which sessions are most popular, how attendees are engaging with the app, and even how they are moving through the venue.

Event Technology Integration

Integration is key for event technology. When registration, check-in services, websites, badge printing, and mobile apps work together, they create a cohesive and streamlined experience for both attendees and organizers.

For example, information collected during the online registration process can be used to customize the experience on the mobile app. As attendees check in, their badges can be printed automatically, and their attendance at sessions can be tracked through the app.

Real-time data can be collected and analyzed, allowing us as your event organizers to make on-the-fly adjustments to the event. After the event, this data can be used to measure success and inform future events.

Ultimately, modern event technology solutions have revolutionized the way events are planned, executed, and experienced. At eventi, we’re experts in all things related to event management, and that includes technology. It helps us provide a seamless and engaging experience for attendees and the partners we work with, as well as gather valuable data to continuously improve the current and future events.

Learn more about eventi Production’s custom Event Tech Stack and Technology Management here and when you’re ready, send us a message with your questions about your next event.

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