​Are you looking for an event experience organized for both in-person and online attendees​? A Hybrid Event provides a way to connect both​ of these​ audiences in ​the same event environment.


What eventi Does:

If you need to host hybrid events, eventi can provide content, activation, and implementation strategies to leverage the different environments and synergize the attendee experience while mindfully managing budgets to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

2 Experiences, 1 Event

Having the right event technology is essential to executing a hybrid strategy. eventi has the knowledge, expertise and capabilities. We can provide:

  • Marketing and New Media

  • Agenda Development

  • Exhibit Sales

  • Design and Production

  • Operations and Planning

  • Sponsorship Sales and Management

  • Custom Event Registration

  • Sponsor Portal

  • Call for Papers Portal

  • Session Recording Management

  • Event website development

  • Site Selection

  • Speaker Management

  • Experiential Events

  • Event Registration

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