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Event Registration and 
Attendee Management

A key to any successful event is the registration process. It is a big part of the attendee experience and drives many ancillary services. Eventi Productions understands the importance of this and how integral it is to any successful event. Whether we are managing a third-party platform or building a custom registration system to support your brand, we will work with you to define and implement the right registration process for your event.​

Our Custom Event Registration Platform

Eventi Productions will manage the registration systems and process for event attendees, VIPs, staff, speakers, sponsors, and special events. We will design and manage all data entry for event information through a custom online registration and administrative back-end.  

In the event that a person did not register through the website, there is on-site registration overseen by customer service. Customer service will also have the ability to update attendee information and permissions as needed.


We start with creating a wireframe that we then send to the client for approval. After approval, we create and publish the online registration site. Eventi Productions will also work to evolve the system based on changing needs. Registration functionality can include: 


  • Customized Skins - We work with the client brand team to represent the correct look and feel, and overall experience on all screen sizes.

  • Database Centric - Database-driven forms, pages, and widgets allow Eventi Productions to engage different audience types and collect rich attendee demographic information for analytics.  

  • Dynamic Registration Flows - We work with our clients to configure custom attendee types, pricing points, and data collection forms.

  • Training Module - Captures paid training and manages class sizes including wait list.

  • API Integration - Our API framework allows us to push registration data to other business systems like Salesforce and Marketo. We work with our clients to determine if it is beneficial to integrate with any of their internal systems. 

  • Unlimited Promo Codes - the promo code engine allows Eventi Productions to track marketing campaigns, and control specific attendee types or discounts. We then work with our clients to develop a marketing strategy and discount framework for distributing promo codes to attendees, sponsors, partners, and affiliates.

  • Social Engagement - We offer widgets and scripts for attendees to share their registration information, refer-a-friend discounts, and other social information. Our custom platform also supports all UTM parameters, tracking scripts, and pixels so engagement can be monitored and optimized. 

  • Executive Dashboard  - This is a real-time data display with charts and widgets to track client key performance indicators for ticket sales and attendee demographics.

  • Robust Reporting & Analytics - Eventi Productions provides clients with comprehensive registration information, demographics, and insight. Our report builder mines the pertinent data for status updates, audits or decision making while our web analytics will allow client to better understand registration behaviors. 

  • Proven Technology - we implement and follow industry standards for technology, security, and data preservation.

  • First-Class Technical Support - For the duration of the event, we can assign a dedicated technology manager to monitor the registration systems and ensure any attendee or technology issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

  • Bulk Email Service - Eventi Productions works with our clients to design customized messaging and author registration confirmation, “Know Before You Go,” and post-conference communications for different audiences and registration types.  We will set-up, test, update, and build the list for each email.  We will use its email servers with trusted IPs addresses - All emails will be sent from a validated client domain.

Our custom registration platform also allows for separation by type of attendee such as speakers, sponsors, staff and more.

Attendee Management and Customer Service

Eventi Productions can support all attendees with Concierge Service during the registration process, onsite, and afterward, with:


  • Inbound Communications - We provide email and telephone registration support. 

  • Outbound Communications - We have the ability to email attendees that begin the registration process but do not complete it. We can then work with the attendee to resolve any issue that hindered the registration process. 

  • Bulk Import - Eventi Productions will import speaker, employee, and VIP lists provided by the client into the registration system. Custom confirmation emails can then be sent out.

Onsite Registration and Check-In

To help set the tone on opening day, Eventi Productions designs a positive check-in experience for any space to welcome all attendees. Our digital kiosks and high-speed printers keep the line moving and everyone happy. Advanced options like real-time photo badges and RFID can elevate any event. These on-site registration options can include:


  • iPad Check-In Kiosks - Eventi Productions works with our client’s brand and design teams to represent the correct look and feel for the check-in kiosks.

  • Registration Stations - We calculate the appropriate amount of registration equipment  (iPads, printers, lanyards, staffing) for the size of the event to ensure all attendees can be checked-in and badged in the allotted time before the event begins.

  • Professional Check-In Staff - eventi will help welcome attendees and provide a positive check-in experience.

  • Onsite Customer Service - We can provide dedicated customer service agents to quickly solve any problems.

  • Onsite Payment Processing - eventi can provide Point of Sale (POS) functionality so attendees can quickly purchase tickets onsite.

  • Attendee Lanyards & Badges - We can source lanyards and plastic badges with color branding (design to be provided by client). 

  • Real-Time Check-In Data - provides a snapshot at any time on check-in numbers or specific attendees who are checked in.

  • Cellular Network Back-Up - ensure the check-in process can continue if there are internet issues at the selected venue.

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