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Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales and Management

Sponsorships are important for events because they provide financial support, help to promote the event, and can attract a larger audience.

  • Financial support: Sponsors can provide financial support to help offset the costs of putting on an event. This can include things like venue rental, food and beverage, marketing, and staffing.

  • Promotion: Sponsors can help to promote the event by advertising it on their website, in their stores, and on their social media channels. This can help to reach a wider audience and generate excitement for the event.

  • Attracting a larger audience: Sponsors can help to attract a larger audience to the event by offering discounts or promotions to their customers. This can encourage people to attend the event who might not have otherwise.

We are masters at the intricacies of evaluating, negotiating, developing and executing the right opportunities that will get your sponsors in front of their target audience. We’ll handle the details to ensure that your sponsors receive a great return on their investment. by creating Email Blasts, Deadline Enforcement, Asset/Content Collection, Day Of Support, Post Event Reporting and Sponsor Surveys.

Overall, sponsorships can be a valuable asset for events. By partnering with sponsors, event organizers can get the financial support they need to put on a great event, promote the event to a wider audience, and attract more attendees.

Sponsor Portal

It’s not only important for attendees to have a great experience, but sponsors too. To up-level the sponsor and exhibitor experience, eventi  provides a branded interactive on-boarding resource that allows access to booth/exhibit information. It provides for the organization of all sponsors and exhibitors, vetting and approval processes, and provides an elevated experience.​

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