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Event Design and Production

From videos and graphics to signage and displays we will develop a look and feel for your event that will engage your audience and create an inspiring experience for them.


Signage and displays are an important part of any corporate event. They can be used to direct guests, provide information, and promote the company's brand. The type of signage and displays that are needed will vary depending on the size and scope of the event, as well as the company's branding and marketing goals.

Common types of signage and displays that are used at corporate events include:

  • Welcome banners: Welcome banners are a great way to greet guests and set the tone for the event. They can be hung at the entrance to the venue or at the registration desk.

  • Directional signs: Directional signs are essential for helping guests find their way around the event space. They can be placed at key intersections and near important destinations, such as restrooms, food and beverage areas, and meeting rooms.

  • Informational signs: Informational signs can be used to provide guests with important information about the event, such as the schedule of events, the location of breakout sessions, and the contact information for event staff.

  • Promotional displays: Promotional displays can be used to promote the company's products or services. They can be placed in high-traffic areas, such as the registration desk or the food and beverage area.

  • Branding displays: Branding displays can be used to reinforce the company's brand identity. They can be placed throughout the event space, such as on the walls, tables, and podiums.

By using a variety of signage and displays, Eventi Productions helps to create a positive and memorable experience for guests.

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