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In addition to full service, eventi offers all of our event management capabilities individually. We can customize a package that contains exactly what you need to produce the event you want.
Event Marketing Strategy & Services  Marketing and New Media

Event marketing is founded on creativity, fueled by strategy, built from experience and designed to engage. By taking advantage of the numerous digital and social platforms now available, the value of events has vastly increased. Most brands recognize event marketing as an integral part of their integrated marketing portfolio. We take an integrated approach to strategic planning that develops unique personal experiences that produce measurable results.


We will create a full marketing plan that will target the right audience with key messaging to convert them into enthusiastic new and repeat customers.


Agenda Development


More than just a simple schedule of speakers and topics, your agenda is the foundation of your event. It will drive attendance, attract the optimal mix of buyers and sellers to the event, and stimulate the conversations needed to facilitate business-focused interactions and transactions.  


Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales & Management


We are masters at the intricacies of evaluating, negotiating, developing and executing the right opportunities that will get your sponsors in front of their target audience. We’ll handle the details to ensure that your sponsors receive a great return on their investment. by creating Email Blasts, Deadline Enforcement, Asset/Content Collection, Day Of Support, Post Event Reporting and Sponsor Surveys.


Design and Production


From videos and graphics to signage and displays we will develop a look and feel for your event that will engage your audience and create an inspiring experience for them.


Operations and Planning


Seamless planning and flawless execution is a must during the event process. Our passion for details and perfectionism will help streamline your event and maximize results while minimizing stress from concept to completion.

Event Registration


A key to any successful event is the registration process. It is a big part of the attendee experience and drives many ancillary services. eventi understand the importance of this and how integral it is to any successful event. Whether we are managing a third party platform or building a custom registration system to support your brand, we will work with you to define and implement a right registration process for your event.


  • Customized Skins - eventi will work with your  brand and design teams to represent the correct look and feel, and overall experience on all screen sizes. 

  • Database Centric - Database driven forms, pages, and widget allow eventi to engage different audience types and collect rich attendee demographic information for analytics.  

  • Dynamic Registration Flows - eventi will work with you to configure custom attendee types, pricing points and data collection forms to service any audience.

  • API Integration - eventi’s API framework allows us to push registration data to other business systems like Salesforce and Marketo.

  • Dynamic Promo Codes - Our promo code engine allows eventi to track marketing campaigns, and control specific attendee types or discounts. eventi will work with you to develop a marketing strategy and discount framework for distributing promo codes to attendees, sponsors, partners, and affiliates.

  • Social Engagement - eventi offers widgets and scripts for attendees to share their registration information, refer-a-friend discounts, and other social information. Our platform also supports all UTM parameters, tracking scripts, and pixels so engagement can be monitored and optimized. 

  • Executive Dashboard  - eventi will provide a real-time data display with charts and widgets to track your key performance indicators for ticket sales, conference information, and attendee demographics.

  • Robust Reporting & Analytics - eventi will provide you with comprehensive registration information, demographics, and insight. Our report builder mines the pertinent data for status updates audits or decision making while our web analytics will allow you to better understand registration behaviors. 

  • Customized Messaging - eventi will work with you to design and author registration confirmation and communications for different audiences and registration types.

  • Global Payment Processing - eventi partners with Wells Fargo and Bank of America to provide competitive payment processing in all major currencies around the world. 

  • Proven Technology - eventi implements and follows industry standards for technology, security, and data preservation.

  • First-Class Technical Support - For the duration of the conference, eventi will assign a dedicated technology manager to monitor the registration systems and ensure any attendee or technology issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

Onsite Registration & Check-In


To help set the tone on opening day, eventi designs a positive check-in experience for any space to welcome all attendees. Our digital kiosks and high-speed printers keep the line moving and everyone happy. Advanced options like real-time photo badges and RFID can elevate any event.


  • Customized Check-In Screens - eventi will work with your brand and design teams to represent the correct look and feel for the check-in kiosks.

  • Professional Check-In Staff - To help welcome attendees and provide a positive check-in experience, eventi will use experienced staff,

  • Onsite Customer Service - eventi will provide dedicated customer service agents at each venue to quickly solve any problem.

  • Onsite Payment Processing - eventi will provide Point of Sale (POS) functionality so attendees can quickly purchase tickets onsite.

  • High-Speed Printers - eventi uses only the top-of-the-line printers to ensure the check-in moves quickly.

  • Real-Time Check-In Data - provides a snapshot at any time on check-in numbers or specific attendees who are checked in.

  • Cellular Network Back-Up - ensure the check-in process can continue if there are internet issues at any given venue. 


Sponsor Portal


It’s not only important for attendees to have a great experience, but sponsors too. To up-level the sponsor and exhibitor experience, eventi  provides a branded interactive on-boarding resource that allows access to booth/exhibit information. It provides for the organization of all sponsors and exhibitors, vetting and approval processes, and provides an elevated experience.


  • One Login - Manage all information, communication, and materials on a single platform to simplify the sponsor’s experience and streamline their management.

  • Sponsor Communication - The portal not only provides a place to list sponsorship information like rules & regulations and expo hall hours, but it also provides a communication framework to send emails and share informational video that will improve the overall sponsorship experience. 

  • Collect Deliverables - eventi’s portal provides a single repository to collect sponsor logos & descriptions, booth art, insurance waivers and other important information. 

  • Sponsorship Packages - Define standard and customizable sponsorship levels with unique deliverables to fit all types of sponsorship sales. eventi will work with you to define and optimize these offering to generate maximum revenue.

  • eCommerce Ready - to minimize paperwork, eventi offers an option for sponsors to select their own sponsorship levels and booth space, and pay for it all within the portal. To process payments, eventi partners with Wells Fargo and Bank of America to provide competitive payment processing in all major currencies around the world.

  • Taskmaster - Share tasks & deadlines, automate communication and their enforcement. eventi will work with you and vendors to define these tasks and deadlines for your sponsors.

  • Automated Ordering - eventi streamlines the ordering of furniture, catering, utilities, drayage, internet with simple to use forms and payment processing. eventi will work with you to determine what type of ordering will be offered to sponsors and how it will be implemented, managed and tracked.

  • Approval Framework - eventi offers an online approval process to vet booth designs and materials, signage, sponsored speaking or media sessions, or other important aspects of the conference. eventi will work with you to determine what needs approval and what the process will be to implement what is needed.

  • Sponsor Registration - The portal allows for special, unique sponsor promo codes to be assigned to each sponsor for any complimentary or discounted pass offerings. Registration using these codes can be done directly in the Sponsor Portal or copied and used by anyone they share it with on the main registration page.  

  • Shipping & Receiving - eventi will collect and display in the Sponsor Portal all the required information regarding shipping to and from the event. This will include addresses, dates, deadlines, rates (if applicable), and the ability to download and print the label needed for each sponsor’s freight. eventi works closely with the sponsors to help save money wherever possible as well.

  • Interactive Floor Plans - Once the floor plan is finalized, eventi will work with you on when and how to display it in the Sponsor Portal. 

  • Proven Technology - eventi implements and follows industry standards for technology, security, and data preservation.

  • First-Class Technical Support - For the duration of the conference, eventi will assign a dedicated technology manager to monitor the sponsor portal and ensure any sponsor or technology issues are resolved in a timely manner.

    • Sponsorship and exhibitor overview

    • Collection of company profile

    • Collection of sponsor contacts

    • List of tasks & deadlines

    • List of registration codes

    • Show services order forms

    • Internet order form

    • Shipping labels & instructions

    • Interactive floor plan

    • Invoices and payment collection

    • Expo hall hours

    • Lead retrieval rentals

    • Booth design upload and approval

    • Sponsored session content upload

Call for Papers Portal


Cultivating good content builds great agendas and eventi has the tools and expertise to help manage the keynote, session, and speaker process. Our Call for Papers system collects session abstracts, provides review and ratings, and communicates important information to speakers.


Call for Papers
  • Customized Forms - Collects speaker and session information including contact information, headshots, session abstracts, and custom qualifiers.

  • Submission Review Tool - Allows individuals or a committee to rate all content and speakers.

  • Presentation Deck Review Tool - Allows individuals or a committee to rate all speaker decks and provide comments and feedback.

  • Automated Notifications - For speaker acceptance and rejection emails and well as tasks and due dates. 

  • Reporting tools and APIs - Provides information and change control to building agendas and share speaker bios.


Speaker Portal
  • Centralized Landing Page - To share important information and deadlines.

  • Digital Speaker Agreement - Automates speaker release forms and policies.

  • Presentation deck Upload - Supports decks and demo files with support for multiple versions. 

  • Two-way communication tool - Dedicated channel to interact with speakers

  • Reporting tools and APIs - For sharing information and files with Audio Visual and production teams.


Event website design & development


An event website is where attendees judge the book by it’s cover. eventi design and build event properties that showcase your brand, create excitement and buzz while delivering key messaging. Our team will work with you to create a thought provoking and efficient experience that will provide attendees with the necessary information to make a decision. 


Site Selection


As an expert in event management, we can help you select the perfect location for your next conference or event. With relationships around the globe and extensive experience working with hotels, convention centers and venues of all sizes, our  team knows how to find just the right location to fit your goals, objectives and resources.  Every possible detail is covered to minimize your risks, save you money and ensure you receive the high-quality service that will make your event venue receive rave reviews from your attendees.


Speaker Management


Quality speakers and engaging content are keys to drawing attendees to your conference. Together they establish your credibility and relevance within your field. Therefore, you need to spend your time attracting the best possible speakers and leave the logistics of your speaker program management to us.

With years of experience managing speakers around the globe, we can coordinate speaker logistics with ease. We’ll handle speaker registration, manage schedules, produce session materials and perform onsite management support. We’ve got everything covered to ensure your speakers are happy and their sessions are well organized.

Experiential Events


Let our passionate experiential marketing experts work together with you to provide strategy, creative elements, production, and the latest in cutting edge technology.  Events must serve a purpose. People align themselves with brands that serve a purpose greater than the products they sell. Experiential marketing should bring that mission to life: creating, enabling and delivering a sense of purpose that people can rally behind.

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